Telephone Queuing System – Update

Dear Patient,

We introduced a telephone call queue to our current telephone system back in 2015, following patient feedback that they were calling the surgery and receiving an engaged tone and this meant re-dialling numerous times. The call queue was added with a numbering system so that patients were aware of their place in the queue and could decide whether to stay on the line holding or call back later.

Recent feedback has been that the queue wait is too long. In order to help we have reduced the number of places in the queue in the hope that this will reduce call waiting time for patients.

What does this mean for you as a patient? If the call queue is full the next caller will hear a message saying ‘we are unable to take the call please try later’.

Our dedicated Patient Services Team deal with each call individually and process them as quickly and efficiently as possible. We are aware that other patients are waiting in the queue and aim to give each patient the time they need. We do ask patients to let us know a broad reason for the appointment request so they can direct patients to the most appropriate clinician. At the practice we have a number of different clinicians who are trained to help our patients, these include, clinical pharmacists, Nurse Practitioners, Urgent Care Practitioners and Physician Associates.

We are continuing to review our systems and processes to help our patients at a time when the NHS as a whole is under pressure.

Thank you

Wokingham Medical Centre