Patient Participation Group

Patient Participation Group

Our PPG consists of a group of patients who take part in surveys, give us valuable feedback on our services and changes within the wider NHS. We communicate mainly via email and also meet at the practice for face to face meetings. We work together to discuss issues and how we can improve services for our patients. Should you be interested in joining this group, please complete the online form. We currently have 16 members of this virtual group. New patient requests to join the group are discussed and approved with current PPG members. This virtual group was set up over a year ago and we thank all PPG members past and present for their time and feedback.

Communication with our patient participation group

We communicate principally through email and our website, and collect views via surveys. We also make provision for those who cannot interact in this way to give us their views in person when they come into the surgery or complete a paper survey. Should you wish to contact our PPG please email, please be aware that this email address is monitored every few weeks so must not be used for urgent matters.

Notes from the PPG meetings

The Patient Participation Group communicate mainly via email and help at our flu clinics to help inform and educate patients about the different services we offer and changes we are making as a practice. The group meet at the surgery every year to discuss ways of supporting the Practice and Patients. Here are the notes from the meetings held so far at the surgery;

  • Notes coming soon…